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Lots of people have discovered a stationary diesel engine coming out of India under the collective name as Listeroid, which means a Lister Clone. The classic design is based on Lister CS 6/1 and 12/2 cold start diesel engines, however the Indian manufacturers have developed a broader range of engines by changes to injections, flywheels and engine capacity.

There are a lot of people in the US building very reliable generating plants from these engines, notably http://www.utterpower.com. More and more people in Australia are now also doing the same thing with more and more of these engines becoming available in Australia. These engines are readily converted to run on biodiesel and vegetable oils, making them a viable source of power for the future.

Do your own research, they are made in India, so need a bit of TLC when first purchased, but they can be made to run very reliably for many years. The old Lister was known to last as long as 50 years with very little maintenance. JKSon Listeroid engines are one of the twenty different brands of Listeroids made in India and they have established themselves as one of the better brands in terms of quality components.

These simple power and stationary engine solutions go against modern trends and are fixable by DIYers - the JKSon engines have been in operation in many countries and are considered to be one of the top Indian engine manufacturers of these type of diesel engines.

Ozlisteroids Australia arguably have one of the largest stocks of JKSon Listeroid spare parts outside of India - some components may be used, sometimes with modification as a suitable replacement part for the restoration of genuine CS series Lister engines.