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Toormina NSW 2452
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The ST - single phase series generator heads are mainly designed to serve as small capacity power generating units for electrical supply for lighting purposes on ships as well as for standard household devices used in towns or villages.

The generators are of drip-proof construction with salient pole rotating field self-excitation and constant voltage. The inside construction is of high international quality electrical components. The Stator insulation is of Class E (or B as required) and rotor insulation is Class B. These generators are compact, attractively finished and are very easy to maintain. Dimensions are adapted to IEC standards which make them highly suitable for Australia, Europe, America and other countries where end covers of model B are required. The alternators are a harmonic wave, self-excitation constant voltage system with automatic voltage control excitation. They have excellent dynamic performance characteristics; they are convenient and are very reliable in operation.

The voltage of the alternator is 240V and the frequency is 50Hz again as required. Its operation can be in continuous duty mode. The alternator can be coupled with a prime mover directly or through a V-belt drive. With 5% speed change of the prime mover on load, the variation of 0-100% at voltage of 240V 50Hz , you could still get a satisfactory constant-Voltage performance.

Specification for our ST single phase generators

  • 4 pole for 240 v AC 50Hz at 1500 rpm
  • 4-wire
  • Metal fan
  • 4 brushes (except 3KW which has 2)
  • Sealed bearings with high temperature grease
  • Western style rectifier