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Toormina NSW 2452
ACN # 138 281 231
ABN # 73 138 281 231

OZLISTEROIDS - AUSTRALIAS LARGEST STOCKIST OF LISTEROID ENGINES AND SPARE PARTS proudly accepts a new role as an "Associate" of the globally recognised Utterpower Group

The Utterpower Group and in particular its principal Mr George Breckenridge are arguably the worlds leading and most knowledgeable consortium and network of minds when it comes to alternative power solutions based on KISS (keep it simple) engineering and the role the legendary "listeroid" engines. I commend the www.utterpower.com website to you in your pursuit of knowledge about these engines and alternators. www.utterpower.com/associates.htm

If you do nothing else at all to own and develop a JKSon listeroid engine you should make sure
you at least own an Utterpower CD - it is chockful of the good oil -  as we say in the land down under with facts, articles, video clips and pictures and links to help you better understand a whole range of DIYer information about listeroid engines, ST alternators and some brilliant ideas.

Here is a link to allow you to order an Utterpower CD from my mate George Breckenridge

Associates include:

OZLISTEROIDS is a locally owned business currently based in Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast of Australia.

Focusing primarily on the supply of alternative energy equipment including the legendary JKSon Lister type diesel engines, ST alternator heads in single and three phase.

We are currently putting the equipment in the field to generate off grid power for our own use and research purposes. Some of the JKSon engines lend themselves to experimentation with waste vegetable oils and vegetable oils produced on farm.

These engines are not turn key solutions but require a certain amount of mechanical ability and offer a rewarding DIY experience - these slow revving engines are produced in a developing country at an affordable price and will deliver long life if they are cleaned and checked prior to use.

They are a simple cost effective power solution to run a myriad of belt driven equipment - spare parts are readily available and at a reasonable cost.